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The joy that comes in Urdu poetry, can only be felt by a Poetry Lovely, if you are also very fond of reading Urdu poetry, then here you will get the Urdu Poetry WhatsApp Group Links Poetry has the power to convey the essence of life in a few words. through poetry, any issue can be presented in an attractive and unique way.

Just like music, the number of people listening to music is also much more. in Asian countries such as India and Pakistan, the craze of poems is very high and even today Urdu poems are liked by many people in these countries. So if you are also an Urdu poet then you can share your poems with other members via these groups. But before we move on to the Urdu poem WhatsApp group, we must first understand that.

Urdu Poetry WhatsApp Group Links 

  • Urdo Poetry & Poetry Status – Join
  • تنہا لوگ💔 – Join
  • Free Fire WhatsApp Group Links
  • ❤‍🩹™️__سرکار جون ایلیا ء_🍂🕊️ – Join
  • ❤️🌸 🌎😘°انــتــ الــحیــات°🦋 – Join
  • ✨𝙛𝙪𝙉𝙣𝙮 𝙥🤭𝙚𝙩𝙧𝙮✨ – Join
  • 🇵🇰نادرا میگا سینٹر اسلام آباد🇵🇰 – Join
  • 🌵پہلے تقویٰ پھر جنت💐 – Join
  • ویزا سروس Employments ✈️ – Join
  • ❤‍🔥اک فرقہ اداس لوگوں کا ❤‍🔥 – Join
  • 💓💠⏪ قل ھو اللہ احد ⏩ 💠💓 – Join
  • _محفل_عشق♥️ – Join
  • گھربہھٹے انٹر نیٹ سے پیسسے کمائےروزانہ1000سے3000 وہ بھی💯% Real – Join
  • Poetry🥀شعر💕 – Join
  • ایسی ہے تنہائی – Join
  • ﷽🥰خدا سے محبت🌹❁ – Join
  • 💓 Aiou BS urdu help group💓 – Join
  • بی رحم دنیا 🙂اور میں💞 – Join
  • عِل٘مُ و٘ اَدَّب٘ 📚 – Join
  • بغیر ٹیم بنائے پیسہ کمائیں یو ٹیوب کے زریعے – Join
  • عشق ❤ محبت🙃 اور شاعری💞 – Join
  • 💐💐 محفل عشق ✨✨ – Join
  • ❌*_داســـــتانِ مـحــبت_* ⑅⃝🦋❤️ – Join
  • خدا کرے تمہیں بھی عشقِ ہو – Join
  • •❥🂡্᭄͜͡😍🌏◇اَنـــتَ الحَــــیَاۃِ♥💍•❥🂡্᭄͜͡ – Join
  • گول گول گپے 😋 – Join
  • Online Free Earning آنلائن بغیر انوسمنٹ کی کمائی – Join
  • دلچسپ اسلامک معلومات🌸 – Join
  • ✞ঔৣ عشق والے ঔৣ✞ – Join
  • ●⍣⃝⍣❣️سلطنتِ ؏ ـشــ ـق❣️⍣⃝⍣  – Join
  • 🔰رزق حلال کمائیں🔰 – Join
  • أكاديمية الرحيق المختوم لتحفيظ القرآن الكريم – Join
  • ✨★᭄ꦿ 🖤۞ داستانِ محبتـــــــ۞ – Join
  • 🇵🇰 لاجواب تحریریں اور اقوال زریں 📚 – Join
  • 👑ٹک ٹاک سے پیسے کمائیں💫 – Join
  • میرا عشق صُوفیانہ ✍🏻😇 – Join
  • 🥀۞داســــــتان ؏ِـشْــق۞❤️ – Join
  • Romantic Urdu Sad Poetry – Join
  • مسکراہٹ گروپ 😊 – Join
  • 🔵📱 لاجواب اُردو شاعری❤️🤗🤭 – Join
  • بزمِ جہاں – Join
  • حدیث نبوی اگر آپ مسلمان ہیں تو شیر لاجمی کرنا 🥰 – Join
  • *⅛²⁰!🧸اُداســؔـں 💔 ɪSʜ𝗤”🦋* – Join
  • 🍁 سنہرے دن 🍁 – Join
  • ঔৣ͡𝄴⃝ دربار ؏ِـشᷭــⷩــᷤــͥــقِ ঔൣ᭄ *᯽┈─✨💚❊❤️🍁─┈᯽* – Join
  • علم وادب,حسن تربیت گروپ – Join
  • اونـــلائـن تقـــویٰ انسٹیٹیـــوٹ🌼 – Join
  • 🥀۞داســــــتان ؏ِـشْــق۞❤️ – Join
  • EBL Pakistan online work – Join
  • دلِ نادان کی بزم سخن – Join
  • 📖اسلامی تعلیمات❤️ – Join
  • *🌹⃝👉🏻AO_CHAT_KRAIN👈🏻ﮩ٨ــﮩـﮩﮩ😜🌸🌏♥️★<•* – Join
  • اسلام کی پہچان 🕋 – Join
  • Urdu Poetry ❤‍🩹❤ – Join
  • ꧁𓊈𒆜 آتش دل𒆜𓊉꧂ – Join
  • 🇵🇰 پاک اور ترک🇵🇰 دوستی🇹🇷 – Join
  • محبت باوضو میری⁦(◍•ᴗ•◍)❤⁩ – Join
  • ◥꧁اردو سخن꧂◤ – Join
  • 𓅋⃟͢✦⃝❣️مـ̲ـ̲ـ̲ـ̲ـ̲ی̲ں̲ ن̲ـ̲ـ̲ـ̲ـ̲ـ̲ـ̲ے̲ ت̲ی̲ـ̲ـ̲ـ̲ـ̲ـ̲ـ̲ر̲ا̲ ن̲ـ̲ـ̲ـ̲ـ̲ـ̲ـ̲ا̲م̲ د̲ل̲ ر̲ک̲ـ̲ـ̲ـ̲ـ̲ـ̲ـ̲ھ̲ د̲ی̲ـ̲ـ̲ـ̲ـ̲ـ̲ـ̲ـ̲ـ̲ا̲✦⃝😘𓅋⃟͢ – Join
  • ♥️عـــــشق اَنّـﹻ۬ﹻۧ۬ﹻٰ۬ﹻٰ۬ﹻۧ۬ﹻ۬ﹻـت الحــࣽۤـ۬۬ۤ͢ــࣽۤـࣽۤـ۬۬ۤ͢ــࣽۤـات❥𝄞🦋 – Join
  • 🇵🇰پاکستان زندہ باد🇵🇰 – Join
  • 🌸🔥 URDU LINES 🔥🌸 – Join
  • EBL Pakistan – Join
  • *°||°🌸(الـــ֯ـ᪵ـ͝ــ֯ـفـاظ کـــــٖٜ۬ـٰٜ۬ـٖٜ۬ـی دُنیـــــٓ٘͜ـا )✨2🦅🥀 – Join=
  • اسلامی وڈیوز – Join
  • Islamic tube – Join
  • Quran-o-Hadith Teachings – Join
  • ایک ٹوٹا ہوا تارا✨ – Join
  • ❤❤شوق و عشق ❤❤ – Join
  • (๑˙❥˙๑)جـون ایلـیاء⁦(๑˙❥˙๑)⁩ – Join
  • Poetry World :- Joining link
  • Dil_tuta shayar :- Joining link
  • _Attitude _shayari_ :– Joining link
  • Group of Sargodha:- Joining link
  • Only Poetry Group:- Joining link
  • All Shayari :- Joining link
  • Heart Touching :– Joining link
  • Shayari Ka Dunia :- Joining link
  • Urdu Shayari Only :– Joining link
  • Sher-O-Shayari :- Joining link
  • Shayari Mehfil :- Joining link
  • Best Status :- Joining link
  • Only Sad Shayari :- Joining link
  • Love Shayari Only :- Joining link
  • Gulzar Shayari :- Joining link
  • Shayar Ki Shayari :- Joining link
  • Shayari Buddy :- Joining link
  • Fadu Shayari:- Joining link
  • Akad Shayari Group:- Joining link
  • Only  Shayari Group:– Joining Link
  • Bewafa Sard Shayari:- Joining link
  • Masti Shayari Group:- Joining link
  • Be Positive Direction :- Joining link
  • RA’s Poetry World :- Joining link

More Related

Rules to join an Urdu poetry WhatsApp group?

If you love to read& listen to Urdu poems, then you can join these groups but here are some important guidelines.

  • Members are allowed to share only Urdu poetry in these groups.
  • You can share your own poetry but avoid spam.
  • Don’t use these groups for promoting any product and service.
  • Be nice with other members a user who will miss behave or use abusive words may be blocked by the group admin.
  • You don’t have the right to modify the group icon, description etc.
  • Don’t share your confidential information in these groups
  • If you have any issue problems regarding the group you can leave the group, whenever you want.

So now you got the group details, then it is important to have a look into the.

How to be a member of the Urdu poetry WhatsApp group?

In order to get join your favorite Urdu poetry WhatsApp group you just have to follow the following steps.

  1. First of all, scroll the page and get into the list of poetry WhatsApp groups
  2. Now click on that group link whom you want to join.
  3. Now this action will automatically open WhatsApp on your device.
  4. And you will see the group information at the bottom of your screen.
  5. All you have to do is click on the join button and you will become a new member of that group.

This was the easiest process you can use to join any of the given Urdu WhatsApp group.

Advantages of joining Urdu poetry WhatsApp groups

As all these groups are free to join so you will have these benefits to joining them.

  • Now you don’t need to go on Google or anywhere to get the latest Urdu Shayari.
  • You will find some exclusive poetry content that isn’t available anywhere on the internet.
  • You can do promote your own Urdu Shayari website or YouTube channel in an appropriate way
  • And finally, if these groups aren’t able to fulfill your requirement then exit whenever you want.

Hope you guys like this article about Urdu Poetry WhatsApp Group Links (5000+ REAL GROUPS) don’t forget to share this post on social media.

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